Mouse and Keyboard Support Coming to Xbox One Starting With Warframe in October

Mouse and Keyboard Support Coming to Xbox One Starting With Warframe in October

At long last.

Phil Spencer appeared on Inside Xbox today to announce that mouse and keyboard support is coming to Xbox One along with a new peripheral designed in partnership with Razer.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced that mouse and keyboard will be available in preview starting with Digital Extremes' Warframe. Further details about the mode will be revealed at the rebooted XO2018, a new Xbox-centric event that's going to be held in Mexico City this year on November 10.

Spencer did clarify that mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One isn't going to be universal to all games on the platform. Spencer said that the option will be given to developers who can choose whether their games can support the upcoming input.

That way, games with competitive multiplayers can be eased into additional controller support, rather than say, Call of Duty, suddenly becoming a free-for-all of all different kinds of players on different kinds of controls once mouse and keyboard support goes live.

Not much is known about Xbox's partnership with Razer. USB devices, wired or wireless, will work automatically with Xbox One once mouse and keyboard, but for the launch Microsoft is working with Razer on a specific accessory for the Xbox One. [Update: Here's a teaser below]

More news will be available at XO18, so check back in on November 10 when we'll hear more about mouse and keyboard from Mexico City.

To see which Xbox One games could work best with mouse and keyboard controls, check out our list of best Xbox One games.

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