Mysterious New Pokemon Meltan Is Much Cuter Than We Gave It Credit For

Mysterious New Pokemon Meltan Is Much Cuter Than We Gave It Credit For

Hugging this little fellow would probably be very uncomfortable, but I want to try.

Abandon everything you know about the laws of science, because it's time to study some Pokémon biology. We have some new information about the mythical "Meltan," the latest Pokémon to receive a name.

Meltan's been showing up here and there in Pokémon Go, but the slippery little fellow just turns into a Ditto when he's captured. A new video series, "The Two Professors," explains the nature of Meltan via a dialogue between Pokémon Go's Professor Willow and his mentor, Professor Oak.

Episode 2, published today, sees the two scholars ponder a mysterious box Oak finds near his ancient texts about Meltan. Working together, they solve the mystery of the box. I was hoping a dude with a lot of thumbtacks stuck in his head would steal up behind Willow and hiss "We have such sights to show you," but instead, we just get a few more answers about the nature of Meltan. All right, I'll take it.

It appears Meltan is native to wooded areas and remain in an inert state until they return to nature. Once in the wild, they thrive and quickly group together. The mysterious box Meltan Prime springs from also closes under its own power, and Oak warns it'll stay like that until it opens again on its own. Professor Willow gets a little catty at this point. I'm honestly hoping this whole series ends with Willow having a meltdown in front of his old teacher (a Meltan, if you will).

Episode 2 of "The Two Professors" ends with Willow and Oak promising to conduct more research on Meltan, but that's not all we learn about our new liquid metal friend. Another video published on the official Pokémon YouTube channel earlier offers more observations about the newcomer. Seems Meltan's body is made of liquid metal—a point that doesn't come across too well in Pokémon Go and "The Two Professors," where their bodies resemble white blobs. Meltan is also attracted to all things metal and adds bits of it to its body whenever the opportunity presents itself. It's curious, mischievous, and highly sociable. Oh, and as we should've figured, Meltan harbors an evolution—albeit a unique one. The video hints a lot of Meltan can bunch together to become something more, though we don't see its evolved form outside of a blurry silhouette.

Meltan is gradually winning skeptics over. Whereas its initial reveal brought some scorn, it turns out there's more to this glob of liquid metal than anyone first thought. The second video is especially heart-warming. It's difficult to hate on Meltan's seemingly simple form when you see it interacting with other members of its species, or watch it get into trouble. I want to know more about its evolution, too. Moreover, its liquid metal component is cooler-looking than I first realized.

Meltan will help guide Pokémon into its eighth generation, and The Pokémon Company is doing a good job kicking up hype by taking us all along on this gradual mystery reveal. We have just one more stop before Pokémon Gen VIII hits in 2019, though. Visit our guides to Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee for the Nintendo Switch.

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