NBA 2K18 Getting a Patch Today That Will Hopefully Address Corrupted Saves and Other Bugs

NBA 2K18 Getting a Patch Today That Will Hopefully Address Corrupted Saves and Other Bugs

The NBA2K18 patch goes live in a few hours, but can it fix all of the game's launch problems?

NBA 2K18 is off to a turbulent start. A quick glance at the NBA2K subreddit shows numerous threads filled with player complaints and bug fix requests. Chief among them appears to be a data loss glitch in the game's online MyCareer that have robbed players of their progression, gear, and in some cases, the Virtual Currency used to purchase new items. 2K Games is currently working to address these issues with a new patch.

"We have a patch going out that hopes to address these issues. It should be live in a matter of hours," said a 2K representative when USGamer reached out for an official response. The patch will hopefully address the issues with MyCareer which several players have been avoiding in fear of losing any progress and in-game currency.

In the meantime, the NBA 2K subreddit is functioning as an impromptu customer service hub. There are multiple threads that collected bug issues and glitches to send 2K games for fixes. One thread in particular is helping players, primarily Xbox users, whose games crashed and progress in "The Neighborhood" social mode was lost, taking valuable VC and progress along with it.

In a series of updated threads, it appears that some Xbox players who purchase items in The Neighborhood experience game crashes that lead to loss of saved data and purchases. 2K is actively working to restore these save files, but the process the subreddit and 2K laid out appears to be more than just a simple restoration, requiring players to submit a fixit ticket with 2K support, and creating a blank profile so that 2K can manually duplicate character data and saves to players. Since items and power-ups can't be replicated 2K is providing affected players with 35,000 VC as compensation. Pre-order bonuses also can't be replicated and 2K says that those will be re-delivered to players at a later date.

NBA 2K18

There are other issues plaguing NBA 2K18 that go beyond losing data. Players are reporting issues with the game's collision detection, making the actual gameplay of NBA 2K18 unreliable. For the most part however, the main problems seem to revolve around the game's online components with nearly all aspects of MyCareer affected. Online practice games are apparently lagging, players are finding themselves kicked back to the main menu after random instances, and conversion issues when players purchase in-game Virtual Currency with real money.

It's unclear when exactly 2K's patch will go live, or whether or not it will address the many issues seemingly plaguing NBA 2K18 players. This story is developing and we will follow up on this story when 2K's fix goes live and report on which issues the patch addresses and which issues persist.

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