NBA 2K18 is Going to Need a New Cover After Kyrie Irving Traded to Celtics

Life comes at you fast in the NBA.

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Kyrie Irving is going to be on the cover of NBA 2K18 this year, but it won't necessarily be in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform.

A megaton trade hit the NBA earlier today when Boston agreed to trade for Kyrie Irving in exchange for Isiah Thomas and a whole lots of other assets. It's a massive move that will make the Celtics favorites to face the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Unfortunately for NBA 2K18, that means having to quickly walk back a marketing campaign that has Kyrie Irving on the cover as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

NBA 2K director of digital marketing Ronnie "Ronnie 2K" Sing had this reaction to the news.

The official NBA 2K18 Twitter account was also a bit chastened.

That this happened so late in the offseason just illustrates how nutty the NBA has become. Pretty much every season sees at least one superstar change teams, making basketball a 365 day a year sport.

Of course, NBA 2K isn't the only franchise to have to deal with this. With Neymar's departure for PSG, Pro Evolution Soccer has had to scramble to find a new cover star. Back in 2008, Brett Favre retired from the Green Bay Packers only to sign with the Jets a few months later. EA responded by making an alternate cover image with Favre in a Jets available as a PDF.

However Visual Concepts wants to tackle their cover, they'll have to move quickly. NBA 2K18 will be out September 19, which is out less than a month from now.

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