NBA 2K18's Virtual Currency is Once Again Ruining an Otherwise Great Game

Glitches and too much focus on Virtual Currency have become all too noticeable in NBA 2K.

Opinion by Kat Bailey, .

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I find NBA 2K frustrating in the extreme. Every year it's the same story: It's an amazing and ambitious basketball sim that is light years ahead of its competition in many ways. But at its core, it's also a flawed series, and NBA 2K18 is no different.

Its problems center around Virtual Currency—specifically in MyCareer mode. In building an online infrastructure that ties into every one of its modes, Visual Concepts has violated one of the first rules of design: don't tie monetization into your fundamental gameplay.

This has been the case for several years now, and there's no reason to suppose that it will change given how much money Visual Concepts makes from it. It typically works like this: You create a character and start playing through the story. Sometimes you get drafted, sometimes you don't, but your goal is to become an NBA superstar over the course of several seasons.

Growth is accomplished via Virtual Currency, which can be earned by playing any of NBA 2K's various modes, or simply purchased in bulk. VC is used not just for character development, but for buying items like clothing; and if you get enough of it, you can buy your own team in MyGM.

You also develop by earning Badges, which are earned by completing a variety of in-game challenges. Happily, these aren't directly tied to VC, but earning them is still a pretty decent grind; and it's easier to get them if you're at a higher level (which is where VC comes in).

Here are some of my biggest problems with VC:

  • It makes your MyCareer player artificially weak (usually around 60 OVR), forcing you to grind heavily to advance to the point where you're not bricking easy jumpers or missing layups.
  • It encourages people to drop a bunch of money on VC so they can level up as quickly as possible, making the online Pro-Am courts all but inaccessible to non-monetizers in the early going.
  • It forces you to be online to enjoy MyCareer, putting you at the mercy of often finicky servers (NBA 2K players constantly lament the post-Christmas rush that inevitably knocks every server offline).
  • Major glitches can result in the loss of Virtual Currency and cause a great deal of frustration, as we're seeing right now.

I'm not the only one who's frustrated by the emphasis on VC:

Look, Virtual Currency is nothing new in NBA 2K. It's been around for as long as I remember. But with all these glitches, I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. It's especially noticeable now that I'm playing regularly on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch version is quite remarkable in many respects: a beautiful port that only really suffers in the framerate department (which honestly isn't all that noticeable on the handheld). But the online hooks are painfully noticeable in a version that I'm frequently playing offline.

When playing offline, MyCareer is neutered into a barely recognizable mode in which you only play through a regular NBA schedule. All the story hooks vanish, as does the customization and the attractive hubs. It's incredibly disappointing in light of what should be the perfect portable mode—an addictive loop in which you rapidly move from game to game while slowly building up your character.

And why is MyCareer basically online only? Because of Virtual Currency.

In making VC such a fundamental part of their experience, Visual Concepts crosses a line that even monetization happy EA won't go near. True, Ultimate Team is primarily built on spending money, but it's mostly compartmentalized in its own mode. You can either choose to engage with it, or you can play single-player modes like Longshot and Be a Manager without thinking about it twice.

At least we still have MyGM.

Tying Virtual Currency so closely to MyCareer utterly compromises NBA 2K18's flagship mode. What should be a perfectly enjoyable single-player experience is inextricably entwined with online multiplayer. People who could not care less about Pro-Am—like me—are completely at the mercy of the people who want to level up quickly so they can compete.

In effect, Visual Concepts is holding an entire mode hostage by leaning so heavily on VC. It's the worst of both worlds.

The only real way to mitigate the frustration of VC is to make an identical version of MyCareer that is available offline, and doesn't include any form monetization. If they want to retain the convenience of being able to grind for Pro-Am in MyCareer, then they should retain an online version as well. Just don't force solo players into a grind heavy experience solely for the benefit of squeezing some extra profits out of the players.

Sadly, I'm pretty much screaming into the void on this one. MyCareer is simply too lucrative for Visual Concepts to ignore; and in the quest for more money, they will do their utmost to railroad players into having to use VC.

I recognize the reality of the situation, but that doesn't make NBA 2K18 immune from criticism. It's just too bad that it's hurting what is an otherwise amazing game.

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  • Avatar for StrwbrryJams #1 StrwbrryJams 10 months ago
    Agreed - i lived in a small town where internet access was unreliable. I bought 2k15 a (well after launch issues) and had no clue that everything was tired to online. It was extremely disappointing that they wouldn't consider these situations (esp now for switch).
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  • Avatar for fstim82 #2 fstim82 10 months ago
    I was actually going to pick this up on Switch before I found out about this. Now I'm pissed off about it on multiple levels. Guess there's no reason to pick it up and I can stick to NBA Playgrounds for some casual basketball fun.
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  • Avatar for Hiya96357 #3 Hiya96357 10 months ago
    I created an account only to say Thank you for speaking out.
    You are one of the only ones to speak out about this or, really, anything negative about NBA 2K at all. 2K18 is going thru a server disaster since tip-off and not a word about it on the internet except from the fans. That tells you how deep their pockets are and how they're willing to keep others happy at a cost. I preordered this years game, but ended up selling it today for $40. I'll take the $20 loss happily, cuz I know I'll never be looking back. If 2K downfall is coming, they only have themselves to blame. If you want 2K to change, you have to speak with your wallet. It's the only thing they care about anymore.Edited 4 times. Last edited September 2017 by Hiya96357
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  • Avatar for ratz4jjb #4 ratz4jjb 10 months ago
    @Hiya96357 I agree 100%. It's refreshing to see someone making an article speaking out against 2K. As@Hiya96357 said, 2K has been going through a disaster and no one is speaking out about it.

    The other thing wrong with the game currently is that you can't skip cutscenes! I was sitting through an hour of cutscenes before my player even played a single game in the NBA.
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  • Avatar for hemant786 #5 hemant786 5 months ago