NBA 2K19 Confirmed to Have a Feature Fans Have Been Requesting for Ages

At long last.

NBA 2K19 has long been one of the leaders in sports game storytelling. The flipside of that is its cutscenes have traditionally been both lengthy and unskippable. Thankfully, that's about to change.

Lost among the reveal of the MyCareer trailer was the revelation that story cutscenes will skippable this year. And if you are on your second run through MyCareer, the entire prelude section will be skippable.

That should be welcome news for hardcore NBA 2K fans who want to get to the proberbial fireworks factory. Admittedly, though, the MyCareer does cool this year, what with the addition of the Chinese Basketball League and NBA G League.

The confirmation is part of a steady trickle of information that has begun to emerge ahead of NBA 2K19's September release. Yesterday, we posted a look at NBA 2K's gameplay and what we can expect, which includes Takeovers—special power-ups that unlock a player's full potential when they get hot.

Fans will get to try NBA 2K19 for themselves when the free The Prelude demo drops on August 31. NBA 2K19 releases on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 on September 11, with a sneak peak set to go live for those who purchase the special edition on September 7.

If you're looking for help with NBA 2K19, we've got a full NBA 2K19 guide. If you'd rather hop directly to one of our specific guides, we've got them all for you just below.

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