NBA 2K20 Locker Codes For March 2020

NBA 2K20 Locker Codes For March 2020

Here are the known locker codes released for NBA 2K20 as of March 2020.

NBA 2K20 has a good variety of modes to keep you busy, from the traditional MyCareer mode to the more modern MyTeam one. It’s the latter that we’ll be looking at today, specifically the locker codes that can be used to unlock bonuses in game. In this NBA 2K20 Locker Codes Guide, we’ll be keeping a constantly updated list of every confirmed locker code for NBA 2K20. We’ll also give you some background as to what locker codes are, and how to get them. We’ll also guide you through using them, so you can start reaping the rewards associated with them.

March 2020 Locker Codes

Given that NBA 2K20 just released, there aren’t all that many locker codes out in the wild yet. Regardless, we’ll be adding more as soon as they’re released, so that you can earn rewards in MyTeam. Here are all of the NBA 2K20 Locker Codes we’ve found so far, up to date as of March 2020.

  • League Series Deluxe Pack - COMMUNITY-SERIES2-THANKS
  • New Year's Resolutions or Frostbite Pack - FROSTY-NEW-YEARS-MYTEAM-COMMUNITY
  • Kobe Code - 8KOBE24
  • Community Hub Tokens - TOKEN-COMMUNITY-THANKS
  • Kemba Walker or Pack - MT-PACKS-CARD-CHANCE2
  • Up to 20 Tokens - MT-TOKEN-MT-TOKEN
  • MyTeam Community Hub Poll Frostbite (2 Tokens) - Answer the poll in the MyTeam Community Hub

How to Get Locker Codes in NBA 2K20

Locker Codes are special codes you can redeem in MyTeam to get bonus rewards. To get more of them, you’ll actually need to seek out the social accounts for the game. We recommend keeping an eye on the official Twitter account ( for codes, or keep this page bookmarked as we’ll be adding them in as they are released.

Where to Use Locker Codes in NBA 2K20

So you know what locker codes are, and where to find them, where do you actually use them in game? Well, you’ll need to head into MyTeam, head into the ‘options/features’ menu and select ‘enter Locker Codes’. You’ll want to enter them in all caps once you’re there.

That’s all we have so far on NBA 2K20 Locker Codes. For more on the game, why not check out our NBA 2K20 Best Players Guide. For a look at Offense Controls, head to our NBA 2K20 Offense Controls Guide.

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