NBA 2K20 Team Takeover: Takeover Meter Explained

NBA 2K20 Team Takeover: Takeover Meter Explained

Managing your Takeover Meter in NBA 2K20 can mean the difference between winning and losing. Here’s how the Takeover Meter works.

In NBA 2K20, you’ll need to make use of all the tools at your disposal in order to win. This means experimenting with a variety of different shot types and ball control techniques. There’s also the Takeover Meter to consider, a feature that’s easy to miss but one that has the potential to turn a loss into a big fat win. Problem is, it’s not explained super well, and you’re likely to spend each game ignoring the Takeover Meter completely. To help turn this around, we’ve been busy working on this NBA 2K20 Takeover Meter Guide. We’ll explain exactly what it does, and how to build it up. Once you’ve built it up, you’ll need trigger it, so we’ll show you how to do that also.

NBA 2K20 Takeover Meter Explained

While playing certain modes in NBA 2K20, you’ll notice the Takeover Meter in the top right hand corner. It will fill throughout the game depending on how well you are performing. Once it’s full, you’ll want to trigger it, as it will momentarily boost your team, applying buffs and bonuses to make you perform better as a whole. You’ll also be able to play as every team player on the court.

How to Fill the Takeover Meter in NBA 2K20

Filling up the Takeover Meter is pretty simple in NBA 2K20. You’ll need to perform actions which positively influence the game. For example, land shots, reclaim possession and stick to your mark will all fill the meter. The Takeover Meter is dynamic though, and can also fall if you carry out actions which negatively impact your team. This means losing your assignment, making bad shot calls and more. You’ll know if you’ve gained takeover after each action you carry out, by looking for little additions or subtractions to the meter. The easiest way to fill it is to reclaim possession and then score a point against the other team.

How to Activate Team Takeover in NBA 2K20

Once your Takeover Meter is full, i.e. the yellow portion of the bar in the top right-hand corner, you’ll need to activate it. You’ll want to hold onto it for a while longer, building up the red arrows to the left of the yellow portion. Once that’s full, you can press R3/RS to trigger it. You’ll now be able to take control of the whole team.

Can You Lose a Team Takeover in NBA 2K20?

It’s important to note that you can in fact lose a Takeover in NBA 2K20. If you commit fouls, lose to a turnover, or have defensive breakdowns then the Meter will drain. Concentrate on your close defense and you should be fine.

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