NBA 2K20's New Ball Handling Tools Are Looking To Break Some Ankles

NBA 2K20's New Ball Handling Tools Are Looking To Break Some Ankles

Dribble like the pros.

The new year of 2K is coming soon, and with it comes some changes to ball-handling and maneuvering on the court. There's a lot to go over in a new info dump revealed today, but one clear takeaway is that you're going to have a lot of ways to break some ankles in NBA 2K20.

In a gameplay blog shared on Reddit, the 2K gameplay team broke down some of the changes coming to the nitty gritty of ball handling in 2K20. The motion engine introduced in 2K18 is being further iterated upon, with better foot planting and a greater sense of weight. You'll also gradually tire if you keep sprinting too, so you might not want to hold that sprint trigger down all the time.

The real granular stuff comes in the form of ball handling. Players will have more contextual awareness, and you'll be able to use several different dribble styles and variations in order to personalize how you play the ball. The way LeBron James handles the ball down the court is going to be different than Magic Johnson or Tim Hardaway, so NBA 2K20 is trying to reflect that. There are 27 different styles, and all of them will also be accessible in MyCareer for your own player.

Even more is coming for the defense, with a "Read & React Defense" system indicating where a ball handler is leaning or intending to move. There are also new bonuses to off-ball moves, playing the rim, a tune-up of the AI defense. The 2K blog goes into exhaustive detail on all the changes, so if you're a 2K fan looking for a long read to get through your Monday, it's worth checking out.

NBA 2K20 has signed on its cover stars in Anthony Davis and Dwayne Wade. They're big gets, but that makes sense when the NBA deal to keep producing the 2K series came in at a reported $1.1 billion. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts' NBA series is pushing back its next entry, seeking a "different approach" to compete with 2K. In the war for basketball's favor, it still seems like 2K is in the lead. We'll see what it does with it on September 6.

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