NBA Live 20 Delayed as EA Plans a "Different Approach" To Its Troubled Basketball Franchise

NBA Live 20 Delayed as EA Plans a "Different Approach" To Its Troubled Basketball Franchise

Electronic Arts' NBA competitor will be taking some time.

NBA 2K20 will go uncontested in the realm of virtual basketball for a little while longer than expected. Electronic Arts confirmed today that NBA Live 20 will be pushed back to later in 2019, after it was quietly moved its expected release from Q2 to Q3 2020.

While originally expected in the same release window as EA's other major sports franchises like Madden, NHL, and FIFA, today's quarterly slides placed NBA Live 20 in the third quarter, or further into this fall.

Electronic Arts responded to a Polygon request for comment, saying, "We're planning a different approach to NBA LIVE this year, and will have more to share in the quarter ahead." Though there was no more info to share on a release, in an earnings call held today, EA CEO Andrew Wilson responded to a question about NBA Live potentially going free-to-play, saying there was nothing to say at this time.

While we've seen little on the NBA Live front, NBA 2K20 has been showcasing its cover athletes and new changes to MyGM, which sound a lot like professional basketball meets Persona. The 2K series will also be coming to Google Stadia, though that will be later than its expected release date of September 6.

NBA Live 19 tried taking the fight to 2K's popular NBA series with a new franchise mode, intended to square up with 2K's MyCareer mode. And while it was mostly solid, it seems like it still fell short of its rival series. Now, it looks like the NBA Live crew are taking some extra time to determine the path ahead for the series, and what it can do to hold up the basketball side of the EA sports pantheon.

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