NBA Playgrounds Developer Goes Through Extreme Lengths to Launch a Patch on the Nintendo Switch

There's a patch for NBA Playgrounds on the Nintendo Switch, but you'll need to download a separate game.

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There's a new version of NBA Playgrounds on the Nintendo Switch eShop, though it might be more accurate to call it a patched version. But also not really, Ars Technica explains why.

Currently on the Nintendo eShop, there is a new listing for NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition, an updated version of NBA Playgrounds which came out on the Switch last year. The Enhanced Edition is available now at a special promotional price of $10, but owners of the previous, non-enhanced version, can get it for free. Why? Because according to developer Saber Interactive the new enhanced version is basically an "upgrade" that includes new content and patches that arrived on other consoles via updates.

This strange discrepancy is also compounded by the fact that players who don't regularly follow Saber Interactive on social media will likely not find out about this "upgrade." Especially since the news isn't advertised on the Switch news feed, or even pushed by the system itself. If you delete your copy of NBA Playgrounds on the Switch, you won't be able to download it again without facing an error. If you want the new version of the game, you'll have to know about it beforehand and manually search for it in the eShop.

Not only that, but the new version will work with your previous save file, even if it doesn't require the original version of the game. As Ars Technica notes the Enhanced Version is actually 2GB smaller than the original version.

Neither Saber nor Nintendo have commented as to the reason why these upgrades needed a new version of the game, but it's suggested that one reason for the separate release is because of the inclusion of paid DLC.

The new Enhanced Version features a $10 DLC that accelerates the unlock of NBA characters featured in the game, something that normally requires loot boxes to unlock. A second $10 DLC pack adds more new players and courts.

Whether this new paid DLC conflicted with Nintendo guidelines is to be determined. Saber said previously that essential parts of its upgrade were out of normal Nintendo guidelines, which Ars Technica speculates could be the new paid DLC feature.

We will update the story as more details emerge.

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