Neko Atsume: How to Get More Cats, How to Understand Power Levels, and Other Hints and Tips

Neko Atsume: How to Get More Cats, How to Understand Power Levels, and Other Hints and Tips

Here's how to get more cats, get more fish, and understand cats' power levels in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector.

How to Play

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is a cat-collecting title from Hit-Point. You don't "play" Neko Atsume so much as you sit back and enjoy it. Like its name suggests, it's more of a collection app than an actual game. Cats automatically visit your yard when you set out food and toys. Some cats, especially the rare themed cats, are attracted to certain toys, certain food, or both. When a cat visits your yard, feel free to take a picture for your "Catbook." You can do this by selecting the "Camera" icon in the main menu. You can also change a cat's default name and observe its toy preferences and power levels in their Catbook profile. Don't forget to tap the "Receive Gifts" button when it appears on the bottom of the screen. The cats who enjoyed your hospitality will reward you with gold and silver fish, which can go back into buying more food, toys, and house extensions.

How to Attract More Cats

- Higher-quality foods bring more cats to the yard. Food that costs gold fish, like sashimi and Deluxe Tuna Bits, really brings the kitties in droves. - Fill every inch of your yard with toys! Big toys take up more space, but can occupy more than one cat at a single time. - Expand your yard to allow for more food and toys. In the main menu, go to "Other" and "Remodel" for a host of redecorating options. - One cat in particular is notoriously hard to nab. Here's how to get Peaches to come to your yard.

What do Power Levels Do?

Power levels are a bit of a mysterious feature in Neko Atsume, but here's the gist. Every cat has a power level, which you can observe via their Catbook profile. If two cats are interested in the same toy or lounging area, the cat with the stronger power level will usually push out the one with the lower power level. In the same vein, if a lower-level cat is interested in a space that's occupied by a higher-level cat, it might not bother to show up in your yard at all. That's why it's important to have a strong variety of toys in your yard. That way, even shy cats stand a good chance of having a space to call their own.

Which Toys Should I Put Out?

Every cat has its favorite items and toys. Most of the rare cats won't appear unless you put out a very specific item (e.g. Joe DiMeowgio will only show up if you have the baseball item in your yard). The Catbook chronicles a cat's favorite items once it's visited and used that item at least once. Don't be afraid to try variety. Some cats like toys that keep them active, while others like cushions, hidey-holes, and other items that let them lounge.

How Do I Get More Gold and Silver Fish?

All visiting cats give you silver fish, and more rarely, gold fish. Some cats are more open-pawed than others, however. If the royal Xerxes IX uses the Zanzibar cushion or the throne item, he tends to leave a lot of fish behind. Miss Fortune, who loves the cardboard house item, will likewise gift you with a lot of fish. Even the voracious Tubbs pays handsomely if he eats all your food. The trick is to let him leave under his own power. Don't fill the bowl again until he's gone. You can also exchange silver fish for gold fish! In the shop, 250 silver fish will buy you 10 gold fish. On the flipside, you can buy 500 silver fish for 10 gold fish.

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