Neko Atsume Is Coming to PlayStation VR, and I Hope It's a Survival Horror Game

Neko Atsume Is Coming to PlayStation VR, and I Hope It's a Survival Horror Game

Run, mousie, run. Dig that hole, forget the sun.

Hello, VR skeptic. So Resident Evil 7 didn't sell you on PlayStation VR? Sounds like you need a more persuasive sales pitch. One that walks on four legs, has whiskers, and says "meow."

Neko Atsume, that cat-collecting mobile game I'm helpless to shut up about, is getting a PlayStation VR game. The studio that feeds and cares for Neko Atsume, Hit-Point, made the announcement through PlayStation Japan President Atsushi Morita at the Tokyo Game Show earlier today.

Unfortunately, we know nothing about the game except that it's coming in 2018. The single, purposefully-blurred screenshot shown on-stage is full of possibilities, though. Notice, for instance, that your point-of-view is close to the ground. Will you be merely feeding and interacting with your kitty friends, like you do in the mobile game – or will you perhaps be cast as a scurrying mouse who must evade the keratin daggers of Peaches, Gabriel, Snowball, et al?

No word on whether Neko Atsume VR is coming to North America, but if it's actually a survival horror game, it damn well better be.

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