Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector Gets Update, is Temporarily Pulled From the App Store [UPDATE: iOS Version Fixed!]

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector Gets Update, is Temporarily Pulled From the App Store [UPDATE: iOS Version Fixed!]

Neko Atsume got a content update, but then the iOS version of the game broke. Presumably the cats knocked it down just to watch it fall.

UPDATE: The iOS version of Neko Atsume is back, and it's ready to update! In addition to fixing the empty yard bug, version 1.7.1 has a bunch of new toys to collect and three more cats to spot: Two regular cats, and one special rare cat. Go and get your kitten on.

Prick your ears forward, cat lovers. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector just received a big content update. There's one caveat, though: The update broke the iOS version of the game, and the entire app has been pulled from the App Store until Hit-Point can fix the issue.

According to reports from fans, the iOS version of update 1.7.0 caused cats to stay away from your yard no matter what food or toys you set out. It's as if the update laid down an invisible layer of tinfoil on the ground, then sprayed citrus-scented cat repellant all over the place. In any case, Neko Atsume operates on the philosophy of "A yard empty of cats reflects a soul empty of hope."

Hello darkness my old friend~

The 1.7.0 update is good to go on Google Play, however, so kitty collect to your heart's content if you're an Android user. There are new items to buy and new cats to make friends with, including at least one special rare cat.

It's not clear when iOS-based Neko Atsume fans will get their cathouses back. Hopefully the fix won't take long. Check the Neko Atsume subreddit for news as it happens. This is extremely serious business, people. Neko Atsume has millions of fans, and not without reason.

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