Neko Atsume - How to Get Peaches

Neko Atsume - How to Get Peaches

Snag a picture of Peaches for your Catbook.

This guide will help players attract Peaches, a rare cat in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, to their yard.

Peaches is one of the most sought after cats in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. Many players have a difficult time getting a picture of her for their Catbook, which is partly to do with her low power level. When a cat has a low power level, they are more likely to leave your yard rather than stick around and fight for a toy or item that they want to use. With our guide today, we’ll help you maximize your chances of getting this rare kitty to not only come to your yard, but stick around long enough for you to notice.

What Does Peaches Look Like?

Peaches has a base color that is cream, not white. That is something that you can use right off the bat to try and identify her. Beyond that, Peaches also has a heart shape on her left side. If you’re looking at her and she’s facing you, this heart will be on your right. Lastly, Peaches’ color scheme makes her a calico, meaning that she is a multicolored kitty. Look for a spot on her right eye and tip of her tail.

How to Attract Peaches to Your Yard

The first thing that you want to do is ensure that you have a large yard. As we mentioned earlier, Peaches has a low power level, so there is a good chance she will leave if there is another cat using the toy or item that she’s interested in. If your yard is larger, there is obviously going to be more room for her to find a quiet spot that doesn’t lead to conflict over something she’s interested in.

A large yard is important, but you must also fill it with things that Peaches is interested in. She really doesn’t seem to be overly picky, but we have found that she’s quite fond of the Cat Metropolis, the Cat Pancake, and the Twisty Rail. We’ve also known her to enjoy various cushions and hammocks. Truth be told, Peaches seems to prefer laying around over playing, so again, ensure that there is ample room in your yard for her to do just that.

Use High Quality Food

High quality food is obviously going to attract just about any cat, but it also helps to attract more cats. If more cats visit your yard, there’s a better chance that Peaches will be one of them. Specifically, try the Deluxe Tuna Bitz. This will no doubt start a parade of felines to your yard. Make sure that you’ve followed our advice on space and provided ample toys and items for Peaches to enjoy.

When Peaches does finally show up, she may not stick around for long. She’s kind of shy, and she is likely to turn up and leave quite quickly. For this reason, you should be checking for her often. If you notice that she’s been there and left, start checking more frequently - Peaches will show up in bunches. One visit means that another one could be coming rather quickly, or even several. What you want to avoid, however, is missing her too many times in a row. Once she makes several appearances, Peaches may take off and not be seen from again for several days.

At the end of the day, getting Peaches to come to you yard is about playing the odds. Do the things that we suggested here, but you’re going to need a little bit of luck to get you through.

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