Hackers Crack the NES Mini To Add More Games Via USB

Russian hackers have opened up the NES Classic Edition.

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It's still pretty hard to pick up an NES Classic Edition at retail, but if you happen to have one, an industrious Russian hacker has opened the system up. The NES Mini comes pre-loaded with 30 games, but until now there was no way to change or expand that library. User Madmonkey has released the details, which have been translated into English on Reddit.

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The method is rather simple as far as hacks go, requiring players to save a game in the Super Mario Bros slot, connect the system to a PC via the included USB cable, and boot the NES Mini into its FEL mode. From there, you have to unpack the system kernel, add your roms, repack the kernel, and flash the system. Aside from any legal issues involving ROMs - they're only legal as long as you own the actual game - any messing with a system on this level could brick your console.

So far, the system doesn't seem to suffer any ill effects from additional games beyond the default 30, though the UI reportedly tops out at 60 games. The system has 512 MB of storage, so you can fit a ton of NES games on there before it'll ever be full. Modders have been at work and have already added Famicom Disk System support.

NES Classic Edition Review: A Great Little Package (if You Can Find It)

Nintendo's mini-NES isn't the ultimate 8-bit experience, but it delivers ample quality for a reasonable price.

Nintendo has said that it will not include the ability to buy or add more games to the system, so this it if you want to play Mega Man or Battletoads on NES Classic Edition.

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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #1 SIGGYZtar A year ago
    It's still a pain to find a NES Classic Edition. But there are MANY ways to play NES games anyway, 512MB storage not needed.
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  • Avatar for Monkey-Tamer #2 Monkey-Tamer A year ago
    Saw this coming a mile away. This system will be hacked to pieces while Nintendo leaves money on the table.
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  • Avatar for Nuclear-Vomit #3 Nuclear-Vomit A year ago
    In Mother Russia, NES mini hacks you? Sorry, I'll be going now.
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  • Avatar for Lane #4 Lane A year ago
    Conspiracy theory time... Nintendo purposefully kept the Mini supply constrained until someone hacked it. Now they can patch it up good and open the manufacturing floodgates.
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  • Avatar for Thad #5 Thad A year ago
    @Lane To what end? Nintendo intentionally loses out on Christmas sales just to prevent its paying customers from engaging in activity which doesn't actually take any money out of its pocket?
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  • Avatar for Lane #6 Lane A year ago
    @Thad I never said it was a good theory :)
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  • Avatar for Nuclear-Vomit #7 Nuclear-Vomit A year ago
    @Lane Maybe it is a good theory. Perhaps Nintendo would not have a clue on how it would get hacked, so when community gets to work and documents the process for the world to see, then Nintendo could patch it and release the flood gates (I want to see a huge retail display, with 500 of these arranged in a pyrimid).

    I'm still waiting to see when these will be available at normal prices. For now, I just cry myself to sleep every night. Hope!
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  • Avatar for snowscrow #8 snowscrow A year ago
    First the election, now the NES Classic! What's next for these Russian hackers? :)Edited January 2017 by snowscrow
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  • Avatar for Murtlap #9 Murtlap A year ago
    Again Russians hackers hacked something. What happens? These Russian are everywhere. I don't want that someone hacked my account. I have read a week ago on < that VPN and SmartDNS can prevent it. Since then I play games only via VPN.
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