New Apex Legends Trailer Reveals the Ghastly Backstory of Revenant

New Apex Legends Trailer Reveals the Ghastly Backstory of Revenant

Man or machine?

After taking out the most recent "Legend" during a broadcast promo, Revenant has now made his debut as Apex Legends' next combatant. The robotic hitman, previously revealed in a leak, seems likely to join the roster as part of the upcoming fourth season.

In a new trailer, we get a look at who exactly Revenant is, though the answer isn't completely clear. While it opens on him looking like a normal human, by the time he's taking out guards and fulfilling a bounty request, we see him as a fully cybernetic being, similar to his appearance during Forge's TV promo.

After a number of mirror-based fake-outs and Revenant shaving off his own face, it seems fair to say his identity has become a little scrambled. Apex has been gradually building up this reveal, with a staged hacking of Hammond Robotics alongside an accidental leak of Revenant as an upcoming character. The Apex Legends Twitter account describes Revenant as "once the greatest hitman" in the Syndicate, now with failed programming and a thirst for revenge. Seems like Revenant wasn't fully aware of his transformation, and now that he's realized the truth, he's going to get back at those who did this to him.

And of course, the trailer ends with one final stinger: a daughter looking pretty angry over the body of her deceased father, Revenant's target. Possibly a tease for a future plotline? Either way, it looks like Revenant will be arriving as part of Season 4. Sorry, Forge.

Season 4, Apex Legends' next season of content, is dubbed "Assimilation." It lands February 4, which happens to coincide with the one-year anniversary of Apex Legends' launch. Will we see some festivities? I don't think Revenant looks like a "party" kind of guy.

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