New Apex Legends Animated Short is Loaded With Lore From Titanfall and More

New Apex Legends Animated Short is Loaded With Lore From Titanfall and More

It tells a very personal story involving Wraith and the Titanfall... multiverse?

Ahead of the game's Wraith-themed Voidwalker event starting on September 3, Respawn Entertainment has released an 8-minute animated short centered on Wraith's origins. The short, also titled "Voidwalker," reveals that the helpful voices Wraith hears in-game are indeed versions of herself from parallel realities, and that her portals can be used to travel between these worlds.

This is the first time Respawn and publisher Electronic Arts have put this much into a lore video for Apex Legends, resembling the shorts that helped foster fan admiration for the worlds and characters of Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. It's a huge leap in form and substance over the very short video introduction to Wattson released ahead of Apex's Season 2 launch. Both are listed as "Stories from the Outlands," and it'd be nice to see these character-centric stories stick with lengthier storytelling from here on out.

The "Voidwalker" short also packs a tantalizing lore hint for Titanfall fans. It it, we see a particularly skilled version of Wraith save another version of herself from IMC captivity. The IMC, or Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, serve as the chief antagonists in the Titanfall games along with a cadre of associated mercenaries. The more-experienced Wraith makes an offhand remark about the IMC "still" existing in the reality where she finds her counterpart, implying that sometime within the 30 years between Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends, the IMC outright loses the war against the Frontier militia in some select dimensions.

If Respawn ever returns to the Titanfall storyline proper, the addition of alternate realities and the idea that at least some individuals can cross between them could blow things wide open (or it could follow in the footsteps of the third game in another legendary sci-fi FPS franchise and get tangled up in the multiverse). For Wraith, the short suggests that Wraith's looking to get revenge on the IMC and the particular scientist that experimented on her in whatever reality she pleases.

While the Voidwalker event runs in Apex Legends from September 3 to September 17, players should look for more hints as to the present status of the IMC in the excavated research site that will serve as Wraith's town takeover during the event. For more on the battle royale's second season and its growing cast of characters, swing by our Apex Legends guides page.

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