New Breath of the Wild Speedrun Trick Breaks Old Routes With Bombs and Bullet Time

New Breath of the Wild Speedrun Trick Breaks Old Routes With Bombs and Bullet Time

Expect a new slew of world record times very soon.

Speedrunners are used to blazing through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by launching Link off of objects strewn across the world, but a newly discovered technique using bombs and the game's time-slowing midair aiming lets runners set up these vital flings whenever they want.

As YouTuber and BotW speedrunner Zant explains in a new video, this new technique will do away with the lengthy set-ups required for stasis flings in many, if not all speedrunning routes that currently rely on them. Stasis flings require an object to use the Stasis rune on and a way to prime the object with the right trajectory and speed in order to bounce Link in the intended direction. The set-up time for a stasis fling is a small price to pay for the time saved by shooting Link across Hyrule at a high speed, but this new trick achieves similar speeds without needing an object to bounce Link off of. All you need are Link's bombs and some precise timing while using the bow's slowdown that kicks in when you aim in midair.

In essence, this trick—dubbed a "bomb impact launch" by Zant—works on the same basic principle as launches that use stasis. Instead of giving an object in stasis a speed and trajectory and having it bounce into Link or Link off of it, one detonating bomb flings a second bomb into Link and he bounces off of that. It's not just useful for overworld navigation either: the first video to demonstrate the trick shows how it can be used to bypass the bulk of one of the game's many shrines.

It's exciting to see players continue to unearth new tricks in Breath of the Wild, and speedrunners are surely going to try to replicate whatever tricks we still have the tools for in Breath of the Wild 2. If bombs and bullet time are still at our disposal in that game, then we might see record-setting flings as early as launch day.

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