New Call of Duty Blackout Beta Patch Ups Player Count to 88

New Call of Duty Blackout Beta Patch Ups Player Count to 88

Day 3 of the Call of Duty battle royale closed beta kicks off today.

Treyarch has detailed its first update for the Call of Duty Blackout Closed Beta. Most notably, it increases the player cap from 80 to 88, and tackles the item pickup issue that was raised by the community on launch day.

The Call of Duty Blackout Beta is currently running on PS4, with Xbox and PC to follow later this week. Day one was a pretty great success, though some common issues were reported by the community. The main one involved the length of time it took to pick up items in the game. It was painfully slow, though it seems that Treyarch has addressed this and shortened the pickup time significantly.

The new update also smooths over some general stability and stat tracking issues, and the quick equip menu will now automatically close if not used for 5 seconds. Over on the equipment side of things, the Sensor Dart duration has been reduced, as there were claims that it was overpowered in its previous state.

Treyarch is working towards addressing the community feedback that cropped up yesterday. The main complaint still to be fixed is that of the bullet-spongey armor, which was also an issue raised during the Black Ops 4 Beta. The Call of Duty Blackout Beta runs until September 17, so you can expect more updates from Treyarch as players spend more time with the new mode.

For all of the key info on the Call of Duty Blackout Beta, head over to our Call of Duty Blackout Beta Guide. It’s got info on how to take part, and the individual start times for each platform as well.

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