New Call of Duty Details Slip Out a Little Earlier Than Anticipated

New Call of Duty Details Slip Out a Little Earlier Than Anticipated

Originally set for a reveal this Sunday, details of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare have "leaked" a little earlier than expected.

Why Activision even bothers to try keeping each new Call of Duty installment a secret any more is baffling.

For the last few installments details have "leaked" early with such reliability that more cynical observers might consider it all to be a carefully crafted PR campaign, but you won't find any such assumptions here at USgamer, oh no.

Either way, details of this year's Call of Duty, subtitled Advanced Warfare and developed by Sledgehammer, have "leaked" a little earlier than Activision apparently intended. Originally set for a full reveal this Sunday, May 4, Activision has responded to the supposed leak not with the usual big publisher "we don't comment on rumors or speculation" spiel, but instead by simply bringing the reveal forward. If indeed it was a real leak, then well done them for their flexibility.

Without further pontificating, here's the new trailer:

There's a few interesting things to spot. Firstly and most obviously is the presence of one Mr Kevin Spacey in what appears to be the role of the lead antagonist. Spacey is seemingly lending not only his voice but also his likeness to the game, and if the trailer is indicative of how the game will look -- it was supposedly captured from Xbox One footage -- then it's a very convincing digital recreation of the actor.

Eschewing the modern-day and World War II settings of past Call of Duty installments, Advanced Warfare takes the series into the future -- something that critics of the modern military shooter genre as a whole have been suggesting it should do for a while now. A future setting means future tech, and throughout the trailer we see a series of gizmos and gadgets you'll undoubtedly get to use throughout the campaign (and possibly the multiplayer, too) -- among other things, there are hover bikes, power suits that allow soldiers to jump great distances, portable cover and the ability to scramble up walls using special gloves. One has to wonder whether Titanfall may have had a small degree of influence on some of these additions.

As per usual, the trailer focuses entirely on the single-player campaign mode; going on previous years' patterns, we can expect a multiplayer reveal to come a little later, detailing the new additions and changes to the tried, tested and true Call of Duty multiplayer formula. It will be interesting to see whether or not the future tech seen in the trailer makes it into multiplayer; some of the gadgets on display raise some interesting tactical possibilities.

Amazon's UK site has updated with preorder information on the upcoming new title. It's listed for PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One; no Wii U in sight. The game is set for release on November 4 of this year.

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