Dark Souls 3 Data Mine Reveals Cut Content, Including Unused Multiplayer Mode and Weapons

Dark Souls 3 Data Mine Reveals Cut Content, Including Unused Multiplayer Mode and Weapons

A new Dark Souls 3 data mine has pulled up a cut multiplayer mode, which would have changed up the dynamic of the game in a big way.

The Dark Souls series has undergone numerous data mines before, but this time an entirely new multiplayer mode has been uncovered. Prolific data miner Lance McDonald uncovered the new find.

In the video posted to his YouTube account just below, McDonald walks viewers through the cut multiplayer mode, in which he uncovers the lost "Ceremony Sword of Darkness" item from a chest. This is all taking place in the Dark Souls 3 stress test beta, which was available for a limited amount of time, shortly before the game released in 2016.

McDonald then changes around the time of day in the Dark Souls 3 beta, to a state which the game calls the "Moonlight Ceremony". McDonald then returns to the High Wall of Lothric, which is now shrouded in moonlight, a time state that isn't available in the final version of Dark Souls 3.

The data miner then finds the cut "Ceremony Sword of Flame" item, that you would have used to "envelope the world in darkness". Once your game was in this state, other players would have been able to use the Ceremony Sword of Flame to invade your world.

Finally, McDonald finds a third item, called the "Ceremony Sword, Battle Royale Eclipse". This item doesn't have a description, but McDonald notes that the phrase "battle royale" has previously been used in Dark Souls games to refer to a multiplayer arena.

We ultimately don't know many details about the Moonlight Ceremony mode, such as how it would have rewarded players, or why and when it was cut by From Software. It's another interesting detail of what could have been, and the High Wall of Lothric bathed in moonlight is stunning to look at.

We've got plenty more Dark Souls 3 content on USG, including a full Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and guide. If you want help getting through the game or the DLC, this is the guide for you.

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