New Fallout 76 Trailer Focuses on Base Building

New Fallout 76 Trailer Focuses on Base Building

There’s a Fallout 76 Xbox One X bundle on the way as well.

Bethesda showed off a new trailer for Fallout 76 during Microsoft’s Inside Xbox event at Gamescom. The trailer focuses on base building, which will evidently be a huge part of Fallout 76.

There wasn’t much in the way of new details given in the short interview between Larry Hryb and VP of Bethesda Softworks Pete Hines, though we did get to hear a little bit about how the new C.A.M.P system differs from the settlements introduced in Fallout 4.

The biggest change is that you can build anywhere you want, and can relocate anywhere on the map, for a small fee. There are more decoration options this time around, and the whole system has been tweaked to be easier to use. Players can mine for resources to use in the construction of their bases, and can create crafting stations to make new weapons and equipment. These new weapons can then be sold to other players, indicating that there will indeed be the option to trade items between players.

The other big piece of news to come out of the brief Fallout 76 showing is that there will be a Fallout 76 Xbox One X Bundle when the game launches. It’ll come with a copy of the game, and 1 month of both Game Pass and Xbox Live as well.

For everything else you need to know about Fallout 76, head over to our Fallout 76 Guides hub. There’s info on the creatures, NPCs, Nukes and Base Building features, so it’s well worth checking out. For info on how to play the game early, check out our Fallout 76 Beta Guide.

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