God of War's New Game Plus Mode Will Let You Experience the Whole Game With All Your Loot

A surprise announcement from Sony's E3 show for Santa Monica's smash hit God of War reboot.

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At Sony's somewhat puzzled E3 2018 presentation last night, one news item was very casually dropped by the talking heads. God of War is getting a New Game Plus mode.

After the showcase, the Sony Blog announced the upcoming feature for God of War in full. "There is one very strong reason to stay in the realm of God of War - New Game+," read the post.

Feel like fighting Baldur all over again? Then you're in luck.

New Game Plus for God of War enables you to start the game again, entirely from scratch. However, you'll be allowed to keep all your armor, items, and other upgrades like pommels that you earned in your first playthrough.

As you might imagine, Sony Santa Monica wants to make the New Game Plus mode for God of War challenging, and has revealed that the difficulty will be ramped up when you kick off New Game Plus.

As of right now, there's no projected release date for the New Game Plus patch for God of War. Head over to our Sony E3 2018 recap, for everything else you might have missed from the show. You can get God of War tips in our God of War Walkthrough guide.

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