New GameCube Wireless Adapter Lets You Cut the Cord Ahead of Smash Bros Ultimate

New GameCube Wireless Adapter Lets You Cut the Cord Ahead of Smash Bros Ultimate

Free yourself of your bonds.

The Super Smash Bros series has grown to become so much more than a Nintendo brawler, but it still values its staples. No matter how big Smash Bros get, you can count on seeing mainstays like Mario, Samus, and Kirby-and you can (hopefully) always count on GameCube controller support.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate supports the GameCube controller, thankfully, but wired controllers are more problematic now than they were before the age of HD televisions. Modern consoles' high-definition graphics splashed across on big screens makes sitting close to the tube unnecessary, or even detrimental. What's a diehard acolyte of Smash's GameCube controller support supposed to do?

8bitdo, the accessory-crafting company known for its line of excellent retro controllers for the Switch, has an easy answer. It's releasing the GBros Wireless Adapter, an adapter that plugs into your GameCube controller and makes it wireless for easy use with the Switch. The little bit of tech sort of dangles at the end of your GameCube wire, but it's sleek and handsome-looking, and using it is preferable to having wires stretch across your living room. It's priced at $19.99 USD. You can use it for PC, Android, and MacOS games, too. Alternatively, you can try digging out your WaveBird, but there's a decent chance those batteries you forgot to take out years ago leaked and ate through the plastic a few months back.

A clean lad.

The GBros adapter is currently available for pre-order and will ship on December 7-the same day Smash Ultimate is set to hit the Nintendo Switch. Don't forget to look at our guides for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, especially our guides for every Smash character's move set.

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