New Indie Royale Showcases the Best of XBLIG... on PC

Indie Gamer Chick's bundle brings some of the best games of the Xbox 360's indie initiative to PC players.

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Have you ever braved the dungeon of doom that is the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace? If you have, you'll know that peppered among all the fart machines, 5 minute long dating sims and other detritus, there are actually some great games.

Few people know this more than Cathy Vice, better known as Indie Gamer Chick thanks to her blog of the same name. To date, Cathy has reviewed well over 400 independently developed games on her site, more than 350 of which are Xbox Live Indie Games titles. Cathy has earned a well-deserved reputation for being blunt and honest about the games she reviews, with the only criteria for earning the Indie Gamer Chick "seal of approval" being that the game must entertain her. Her particular brand of no-nonsense reviews has helped make Indie Gamer Chick one of the most-read resources on the oft-overlooked Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace on the whole Web.

Now, Cathy has partnered with indie bundle specialists Indie Royale to highlight some of her favorite Xbox Live Indie Games releases. However, since there's no means of the Xbox 360 incarnations of these games being bundled together and sold on a pay-what-you-want basis, Cathy and Indie Royale have done the next best thing: collect together the PC versions and sell those instead. Most Xbox Live Indie Games also have PC versions available; the nature of the XNA development environment used by most XBLIG devs makes cross-platform deployment of a game very easy.

The games in the new bundle include retro zombie shooter Dead Pixels; sketchbook-style platformer Chester; gravity-flipping adventure Antipole; old-school exploration game LaserCat; call center sim Smooth Operators; top-down racer Little Racers Street; puzzle game Spyleaks; shooter Orbitron: Revolution; and a mystery title yet to be revealed.

Like other Indie Royale bundles, you can pay what you like for these games, so long as you beat the minimum price. If you surpass a particular milestone with your payment, you get a bonus album of music from the game Gunslugs, and particularly generous payments will cause the minimum price to drop for other users.

The bundle has drawn some criticism from certain quarters of the online community for only one of the games (Dead Pixels) offering a Steam key; this isn't particularly reasonable, however, as most of the others are presently trapped in Greenlight limbo and consequently do not yet have a Steam version available to offer. All of the games are, however, available either for DRM-free direct download or via indie Steamalike Desura, and the bundle page provides links to the various projects' Greenlight pages if you find yourself playing them, liking them and hoping that they see a wider audience over time.

You can check out the Indie Gamer Chick Indie Royale bundle here.

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  • Avatar for AxiomVerge #1 AxiomVerge 4 years ago
    Also note: Indie Gamer Chick is hilarious in and of herself, particularly when she reviews a game she doesn't like.
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  • Avatar for Synonymous #2 Synonymous 4 years ago
    It's worth noting that Smooth Operators is a clone of the Kongregate game Corporation Inc., just with pixel art added. Not a big thing, but I wish they'd been wise enough to leave plagiarized titles out of their bundle.
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