New Mortal Kombat Game and Film Heading Our Way

Warner Bros wants Scorpion and Sub-Zero on every TV screen, movie screen, and touchscreen.

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If you love Mortal Kombat, Warner Bros is looking forward to making you a happy consumer. You may have already known that a Mortal Kombat feature film was in the works after the success of the Mortal Kombat: Legacy webseries. Legacy director Kevin Tancharoen is working on the feature film and Warner Bros has given him an expanded budget to make the movie as successful as the webseries.

"We're preparing right now for the ['Mortal Kombat'] film with Kevin Tancharoen, [who] directed the digital series for us. He's at the helm of the forty, fifty million dollar film," Warner Bros executive and Legacy producer Lance Sloan told WorstPreviews back in November 2012.

Now in an interview with GamerHub, Sloane is confirming another Mortal Kombat game and a possible third season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

"We've been in greenlight committee for a little while at the studio and we've got a great script," said Sloane. "We've got a great director with Kevin Tancharoen, who is on board. It's just figuring out the business side of it; when we would do it, when we would launch it, and how do we sync up with the launch of the game that they're working on now. It's not 100 percent yet, but we're getting closer every day."

"Maybe there'll be a third [Mortal Kombat: Legacy] that we do before the movie, to kind of integrate it a bit more into the feature."

It's unsurprising that Netherrealm is doing another Mortal Kombat game, especially since series staple Scorpion is part of the studio's logo, but with the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 there are new platforms for hot fatality action. The studio is currently working on DLC for the DC Comics-based Injustice: Gods Among Us, which was released this past April.

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  • Avatar for helpfulmole #1 helpfulmole 4 years ago
    I sort of wish that Mortal Kombat would just fade away. It had it's time in the lime light but iteration after iteration has made me a bit apprehensive. Maybe I am just jaded. It damn well could be a great movie and game.
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  • Avatar for fullyillustrated #2 fullyillustrated 4 years ago
    I dare not play any new iterations of this series as they always seem to disappoint. Mortal Kombat was amazing, part 2 was a masterpiece (even owned the arcade cab for a few years) and then everything after that has been a slow degradation of that mastery. Lets call it a day shall we, unless someone out there is willing to make a true HD remake of the game, frame for frame.
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  • Avatar for TPoppaPuff #3 TPoppaPuff 4 years ago
    @helpfulmole@fullyillustrated Are you guys sure you're not thinking of Street Fighter? There's been two MK games in the last seven years. In four years there will have been five versions of Street Fighter 4 (not including the updated AE 2012 version or any other MVC cameos).Edited August 2013 by TPoppaPuff
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  • Avatar for n00bsauce #4 n00bsauce 4 years ago
    I'll just even take the series. The first season was amazing. This is what live action MK should have been like. It is the best video game adaptation every made bar none
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