New Nintendo Switch Model Could Reportedly Be Launching in 2021

New Nintendo Switch Model Could Reportedly Be Launching in 2021

A report indicates another Switch could join the family.

The Nintendo Switch has already received one hardware variation, the Nintendo Switch Lite. A new report alleges another revision could be on the way, arriving sooner than you might think.

The Economic Daily News (via VGC) says a new Switch model will enter production this year, with a launch reportedly planned for the first quarter of 2021.

This new Nintendo Switch model would, according to Economic Daily News' report, include upgraded interactivity and an improved display quality. As VGC notes, the report cites hardware manufacturers responsible for various parts of the Switch, including storage and the Joy-Con controllers.

A new Nintendo Switch model, sometimes referred to as the "Switch Pro," has been rumored for what feels like eons. Even after the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite, a portable, handheld-only version of the Nintendo Switch, rumors still swirled about a potentially upgraded, higher-powered version of Nintendo's handheld hybrid console.

Earlier at the start of this year, Nintendo denied plans for a new Switch model in 2020. During a briefing, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa discussed the advantages of the current dual-hardware offering of the Switch, and how it created choice within the ecosystem.

It's understandable that Nintendo wouldn't want to disrupt a good thing, though the next generation of console hardware is looming over the coming holidays. The Nintendo Switch is still a darling, but the prospect of a slightly more souped-up Switch or even one with more features is always tantalizing. It's only a report to go off now, but with the success of both the base Switch and the Lite, a new model certainly seems possible.

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