New Nintendo Trademark for 1080° Snowboarding Series Sparks Rumors

New Nintendo Trademark for 1080° Snowboarding Series Sparks Rumors

A new sequel? N64 mini? GameCube Virtual Console? Anything's possible!

Nintendo has recently filed a trademark on the name "1080° Ten Eighty" along with a corresponding logo. 1080°, if you recall, is the name of the snowboarding game that first appeared on the N64 and produced a sequel, 1080° Avalanche, for the GameCube. The name's reemergence in a trademark filing leads to plenty of speculation regarding future updates on the N64 or GameCube.

The listing was spotted by Twitter user @pixelpar. The new trademark for the 1080° brand could suggest one of a couple things. Either Nintendo is working on a new 1080° game for the Switch, filing a trademark for a potential N64 mini version, or maybe the GameCube sequel might appear on a Switch Virtual Console. It should be noted that the first 1080° released on the Wii Virtual Console in 2008.

Then again, companies also just file trademarks for a whole host of business and practical reasons. Either way, the possibilities are certainly interesting. Especially so close to a rumored January Nintendo Direct.

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