New Overwatch Comic Highlights Mercy as the True Villain

New Overwatch Comic Highlights Mercy as the True Villain

Witch Mercy is the real big bad of Overwatch's Halloween universe.

Like last year, Blizzard has released a new Halloween comic to celebrate the return of Dr. Junkenstein. This time the lore of Dr. Junkenstein is even more fleshed out, with further hints that Mercy is the true evil villain of Overwatch's Halloween universe.

Last year's Halloween costume was presented as a scary story as told by the Overwatch heroes during a Halloween party. It was light on plot, but pretty heavy on the holiday fun. This year's comic forgoes the framing device and opts to treat the story of Dr. Junkenstein as is, including with a deeper emphasis on the role of Witch Mercy as the story's actual big bad.

The true big bad, Mercy!

The Halloween story this year frames Reinhardt as the beseiged Lord of Aldersbrunn who's menaced by Dr. Jamison Junkenstein and the Witch of the Wilds. To help fend off Junkenstein's hordes, the lord sends a raven calling for aid, to which the viking, countess, monk, and swordsman answer.

Mercy isn't present in this year's Junkenstein's revenge as an enemy character. However, if the Halloween tradition continues I bet you can expect to see her in a bigger capacity in the future. Particularl

Even more evil Mercy

Other great highlights in the comic is how it works in the playable character's alternate costumes as lore. Torbjorn's viking costume, Widowmaker's countess outfit, and Zenyatta and Genji's cthulhu and swordsman costume respectively are all considered canon in this Halloween universe.

You can play Overwatch's Halloween event with its revamped horde mode right now through November 1.

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