Brigitte is the Newest Overwatch Hero, Live on PTR Now

We have Overwatch Hero 27.

We finally have the 27th Overwatch hero and it's Brigitte Lindholm, Torbjörn's daughter and a support hero. Blizzard has been teasing Brigitte's arrival over the past weekend with cryptic hints on social media and Twitter. However, thanks to a slip-up on the Japanese Overwatch social media, many fans had already guessed the identity of the newest hero.

Brigitte takes after her father as a mechanical engineer who spends her spare time in her father's workshop. She was first properly seen as assisting Reinhardt in his cinematic video, but now takes a spot alongside him as a hero. Her moveset even sounds like a combination between Torbjörn and Reinhardt.

Brigitte's powers include Rocket Flail, a melee weapon with extended range and multi-strike capabilities; Repair Pack which heals allies, and gives armor to those healed above maximum health; Whip Shot for long distance damage; a Barrier Shield for limited damage absorption; and Rally which allows Brigitte to move faster and provide nearby allies with armor.

Brigitte is available now on the Overwatch PTR, if Brigitte isn't already. The PTR is where dedicated Overwatch fans can try the latest updates to the game early for testing before it rolls out into the main game. It's here you can try out Brigitte's abilities on your friends and enemies alike.

Leading to Brigitte's reveal, Overwatch posted images and mysterious mission summaries. One tease detailed a declassified mission report that said Overwatch Chief Engineer Torbjörn Lindholm was severely injured on a mission, but was saved thanks to Lietenant Reinhardt Wilhelm.

Young Brigitte and a jetpack cat.

The second teaser featured a letter from Torbjörn to his pregnant wife about the incident at Operation "White Dome," and how as thanks for saving his life Reinhardt should be allowed to name their daughter. A little backstory that fills in Brigitte's relationship with Reinhardt.

"You may have heard that Reinhardt is responsible for saving my life. I've heard the story at least four different times myself, already, each time more unbelievable than the last. Exaggerations, as you know how he can be. All the same, they've decided to award him a commendation for "conspicuous bravery." Could two words better describe the big oaf?"

However, the most recent teases featured blueprints and schematics for weapon designs, which made fans pretty convinced that Torbjörn's daughter Brigitte was the new hero. A mistake on the Japanese Twitter account also accidentally posted a file with Brigitte's name in the source.

Prior to the reveal, many Overwatch fans had their own theories of who the next hero could be, including a joke suggestion of Jetpack Cat, after it was revealed at Blizzcon 2017 that a jetpack wearing cat was at once a concept for a hero. There was also suggestion that the mysterious operative in Operation White Dome, Private First Class Emre Sarioglu, was a potential hero as well.

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