New Overwatch Hero Moira Made a Cameo in Doomfist's Comic Months Ago

New Overwatch Hero Moira Made a Cameo in Doomfist's Comic Months Ago

The shadowy figure has been here all along.

Back when Doomfist got his own comic issue "Masquerade," fans from all around gasped at the costumes they wished could be in-game skins. Another thing that caused gasp in the webcomic: an unknown figure, looming in the background of one particular panel. Who was this person? Were they a new character, or just a shadow behind the scenes?

Turns out, it was Moira, the new hero Overwatch revealed at BlizzCon 2017 today. Moira's been detailed today as a former scientist who performed controversial experiments. Eventually, she was the one who cooked up Reaper's shadow-like powers, eventually embracing powerful abilities herself. Moira is a new support-healer hero to join the roster, the first hero to be added to Overwatch since Doomfist over the summer.

There's Moira! Seated with the orange hair and slightly obscured in the second panel, but definitely her.

Blizzard also announced a new map and new non-event skins will be joining Overwatch, all themed after other Blizzard games like World of Warcraft. Cross-pollination between Blizzard properties is nothing new, but for Overwatch proper, it's a nice surprise to see the blend.

For all of BlizzCon 2017's news, check out our recap hub here.

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