New PS5 Patent Could Hint at Console's Systems Menu and UI

New PS5 Patent Could Hint at Console's Systems Menu and UI

This could be our first hint at next-gen UI.

Right now, we know relatively little about the actual PS5 itself. A new patent filed by Sony this week might give us a pretty good indication at the UI design of the console's menus.

The patent filings were uncovered today on June 10 by TheGamePost, and you can view them for yourself right here. You can see one of the diagrams filed with the patent from Sony just below, which could realistically be a glimpse of the PlayStation 5's home screen.

The first of the patent filings. | Sony

It certainly seems like the box to the right could resemble a typical games folder that we're used to with the PS4's home screen. This is where you can store numerous games under one icon on your home screen, which the "Game Icon" annotations under each box within the folder seems to point to.

You can see the second diagram accompanying the patent filing just below. This appears to indicate that the PS5 home interface will detect when a user attempts to overcome significant challenges in one particular game, and provide them with hints and feedback on how to overcome the challenge with new methods.

The second patent filing diagram. | Sony

It's worth bearing in mind that PS5 systems architect Mark Cerny has previously spoken about the next-gen console's interface. The PS5 will feature a "completely revamped" interface, Cerny said when speaking to Wired in late 2019.

We could be about to learn a lot more about the PS5, though. Sony will premiere a series of PS5 games in a showcase tomorrow on June 11, at right around 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET.

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