New Screens of Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Summons Emerge, And Oh God Carbuncle No

New Screens of Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Summons Emerge, And Oh God Carbuncle No

Chocobo Chick is adorable. Carbuncle is frightening. Cactaur is Cactaur.

Much ado has been made about Square Enix's sometimes-gratuitous pre-order bonuses, but I have to admit many of them are appealing. Earlier today, Square Enix tweeted artwork of the Chocobo Chick summon that comes with the Deluxe or 1st Class Edition of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and it's enough to make you reach for your wallet.

The Chocobo Chick is very small ("smol," to use the internet vernacular) and is covered with fluffy down that you just want to squish your cheek against. But its most appealing feature is its extremely poofy/spiky head of hair, which makes it look like an awkward Super Saiyan. I know several hair stylists who have kids ask them for an "anime" hairstyle, and this Chocobo baby's "exploding tuft" is usually what they get.

Square Enix tweeted artwork of two more bonus summons: the infamous Cactaur, and Carbuncle. Carbuncle looks kind of weird, to be honest. He's usually very fox-like in most Final Fantasy games—he's adorable as Noctis' patron Summon in Final Fantasy 15—but in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, he appears to be a cat with a very large forehead. I don't get it. Is Carbuncle OK? Does he need a vet? Maybe he drank Mr. Burns' old-timey Brain & Nerve Tonic.

At least Carbuncle can't hurt you unless you pre-order the 1st Class Edition of Final Fantasy 7, though. 1st Class Edition also gets you the Cactaur and Chocobo Chick summon, as well as all sorts of additional goodies. I'm particularly charmed by the statue of Cloud on his trademark motorcycle, though I imagine my cats would knock it off my shelf in record time.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming on April 10, and we're excited. Visit our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide for everything we know about the game.

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