New Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Trailer Shows Off New Bosses and Stealth Takedowns

The new trailer was shown off Sony's LineUp Tour before TGS.

News by Jake Green, .

A brand new Sekiro trailer was just shown off during the PlayStation LineUp Tour, and showed off some more of the games monstrous bosses. Spoilers: It still looks great.

You can check out the new Sekiro TGS trailer below, which showcases its stealth/Souls-like combat. Highlights include a burning village that gives us serious Tenchu vibes, some wall jumping ninja parkour, and a giant hairy troll slamming the player into oblivion.

It’s another great look at what looks to be a change of pace for From Software, highlighting Sekiro’s emphasis on stealth. The character in the trailer is shown stalking enemies from the rooftops, ambushing them while hanging off of ledges, and using a grappling hook to gain the advantage on a large group of ghoulish samurai.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is set to launch March 22, 2019. For all of the info we know about the game so far, head over to our Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide. You can check out our impressions of Sekiro from a hands-on demo at Gamescom here.

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