New Silent Hill Title Being Considered by Konami Following Reports

New Silent Hill Title Being Considered by Konami Following Reports

It seems like more Silent Hill might actually be possible.

Reports surfaced over the weekend of not just one, but a number of new Silent HIll games in development. The series' revival comes as a surprise, especially because while Konami isn't confirming anything, its response doesn't categorically deny the notion either.

Twitter user AestheticGamer, who's leaked news in the past, dropped a mention of "a couple new Silent Hill games in the works." When reached for comment by our sister site Eurogamer, Konami didn't confirm specifics but did say it was looking into continuing the Silent Hill series.

"We cannot share anything at this point," a Konami spokesperson told Eurogamer. "But we are listening to customer feedback and considering ways to provide the next title."

Rely On Horror, a horror-centric site, also says it can confirm that a Silent Hill project is in development. What exactly this game might look like is up in the air, though AestheticGamer has some idea. They claim one is a "soft reboot" of the franchise, while the other is an episodic game in the style of Telltale or Until Dawn to accompany the Silent Hill reboot.

While Silent Hill's most notable follow-up was unceremoniously canned and its playable teaser P.T. taken down, its legacy has lived on. Other former Silent Hill developers could be working on the project, however; art director Masahiro Ito recently announced he was working on a new title as a core member, and he jokingly tweeted that he hoped the title "won't be cancelled."

If you're interested in the strange, scary, and sometimes troubled development of the Silent Hill franchise, be sure to read our guest post from former Silent Hill dev and current director of WayForward Tomm Hulett, all about the experience of producing a Silent Hill game.

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