New Soldier: 76 Toy Comes With Golf Club, Will Not Replace Your Father

New Soldier: 76 Toy Comes With Golf Club, Will Not Replace Your Father

We're all soldiers now.

Blizzard and GoodSmile announced the next Overwatch Nendoroid and it's none other than everyone's favorite absentee father, Soldier: 76.

Nendoroids are the popular, bobble-headed toys (not to be confused with Funko Pops) from the Japanese toy manufacturer GoodSmile. The Soldier: 76 Nendoroid will come with a variety of accessories including Helix Rockets, a biotic field, removeable face mask, and a golf club, a cheeky reference to the popular meme that casts Soldier: 76 as a father "figure."

Dad: 76

The Soldier: 76 toy is the latest figure in GoodSmile's Nendoroid collaboration with Overwatch. Previous characters released in the toy line include Sombra, D.Va, Mercy, Tracer, Genji, and Junkrat.

Toys are just one of the many product lines you can find popular Overwatch characters. There's even an Overwatch Lego set coming out. Turns out Blizzard really struck gold with its cast of marketable characters. For more, check out our Overwatch guide for tips, tricks, and character-specific guides.

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