New Super Mario Odyssey DLC Lets Mario Become a Baseball Player

New Super Mario Odyssey DLC Lets Mario Become a Baseball Player

"It's-a home run!"

Maybe we've had Super Mario Odyssey figured out wrong. Maybe Mario's real Odyssey isn't his quest to rescue Princess Peach; it's his quest to collect an endless array of outfits. Think about it. Then take a minute to admire these cool new outfits you can nab in-game.

The first outfit, the "Satellaview Suit," dresses up Mario to resemble the mascot of Nintendo's long-defunct satellite game service for the Super Famicom. "Parabo" was a talking TV who taught you how to use Satellaview—and it's probably not surprising to learn people want him in Smash.

The other outfit is a bit less obscure. It's a baseball uniform topped with a batting helmet. Maybe it's a salute to the time when Nintendo owned the Seattle Mariners. Or maybe it's just a shout-out to good ol' fashioned baseball. Spring is here, after all. It's damp, it's prickly, and it's chilly, but it's here.

If you're looking at turning on your Switch to collect Mario's new threads, why not make a day of it and collect every single thing? Our guide to Super Mario Odyssey's secrets, Moons, and collectables is exactly what you need.

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