New Switch Joy-Con Colors are Coming but Fans Wonder if Nintendo's Fixed the Notorious "Joy-Con Drift"

New Switch Joy-Con Colors are Coming but Fans Wonder if Nintendo's Fixed the Notorious "Joy-Con Drift"

Joy-Cons are like cars in racing anime: They're snazzy and they're good at drifting.

Are you the kind of person who's very serious about color coordinating your Nintendo Switch with everything you wear? You'll be happy to know two new color schemes for the Switch's Joy-Cons are coming in October: Blue/Neon Yellow and Neon Purple/Neon Orange.

Nintendo announced the upcoming sets on Twitter this morning. In fact, Nintendo's been chock-full of Switch news lately: We just learned the core system is getting a slight hardware upgrade to improve its battery life, and last week we were introduced to the smaller, slimmer, cheaper Switch Lite.

The new, snazzy-colored Joy-Cons aren't anywhere close to "cheap," though. You're still looking at $79.99 USD for a set, which has prompted Twitter users to ask Nintendo if this new set will fix the Joy-Cons' notorious "drift" issue. Joy-Con drift is a problem that comes up often on social media and Reddit. A design flaw prevents the Joy-Cons from taking much wear and tear, which causes your in-game camera or characters to move even if you're not touching the analog sticks. The problem is especially bad with launch day Switches. Nintendo will fix the issue if you send your Joy-Cons in (on your shipping dime), but it takes time to get them back. Moreover, people who do send in their hardware for repair or just buy new Joy-Cons report having the same problem within a few months to a year.

Given the cost of replacing Joy-Cons and the inconvenience of sending them in, it's no wonder people are asking Nintendo if the new color sets do away with the drift problem. Let's hope so: I'd like to play Trials of Mana without having my character take random walks into enemy hordes.

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