New Trailer Drops for Persona 5 Anime

Who knows where the whims of fate may lead us?

Aniplex posted the first trailer for the Persona 5 anime yesterday. How appropriate: An anime about stealing hearts promoted on a day that's all about winning them.

The trailer is only a minute long, but it seems the anime will capture the game's unique style and flair. The plot appears to follow the events of the game. At first I thought, "Isn't Persona 5's plot a bit too long to be contained in one production?" but then I realized if the anime cuts out all the hours I spent trying to court my waifu (and failing—Makoto, nooo), the rest of the plot should fit in there all nice and neat.

The Persona 5 anime is coming in April 2018. There's no official word on a dub just yet, and the credits at the end of the trailer only list names for Japanese voice actors. For me, Yusuke just isn't Yusuke without Matthew Mercer's voice, but I guess Tomokazu Sugita's voice isn't unsuited for an eccentric painter who worships lobsters.

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