New Anthem Trailer Finally Reveals the Story of BioWare's New World

Here's the newest E3 trailer for Anthem.

BioWare and EA showed off even more of Anthem today starting with a brand new trailer. You can check it out below.

The new Anthem trailer finally sheds light on what Anthem is about. Players take control of Freelancers, mercenaries that are put forward on a mission to save the universe from from vicious space gods. The only defense against them is to wear a battle suit, or "Javelins."

Each Javelin has a different ability that gives players different ways to play.

BioWare says that while Anthem is different from their previous games as it is a live service title, the BioWare focus on narrative world building is still the main priority.

Anthem is a shared world, so everyone is playing in the same world at the same time. It's a new mechanic BioWare calls "Our World." However, returning to the base turns the game into a single-player experience called "My story."

Anthem is coming out on February 22, with pre-order bonuses.

For more on EA's E3 announcements, check out our full E3 guide for the latest news and press conference reveals.

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