New Trailer for The Good Life, SWERY's New Game About Murder, Alcohol, and Cats

Described as a mystery in the style of "Raymond Chandler or Conan Doyle."

In the world of video game auteurs, Hidetaka "Swery65" Suehiro stands out thanks to his weird, oddball games like Deadly Premonition and D4. Now heading up his own independent studio, White Owls, we finally have a full announcement of his upcoming game, The Good Life, which was leaked prior to its PAX West unveiling.

The Good Life

As we reported before, The Good Life will be a mystery RPG set in the Northern England town of Rainy Woods. Described as a "debt repayment life simulation RPG", the players will play as Naomi, a debt-ridden photographer who moves from New York City to Rainy Woods. In order to pay off her debts, she begins investigating the villagers of Rainy Woods who apparently transform into cats at night (screenshots seem to indicate that Naomi can take other odd jobs like mining or bartending to earn money). That is until a young girl is murdered.

The Good Life features a 24-hour schedule where the town's villagers (all with unique personalities) will live their lives according to the time of day, weather, season, and whatever else unique to their particular lifestyle. It sounds like a more fleshed out version of the time mechanic from Deadly Premonition.

As players investigate the townspeople, repay Naomi's debt, and begin investigation on the mysterious murder of a young girl; players will get to know the town of Rainy Woods, befriend the local townspeople, and hopefully embody a life in the quaint English town.

To help fund the game, White Owls is working with Fig, another crowdfunding platform that offers equity in the game, paying out backers upon the game's financial success like investors. The campaign is asking for a pretty hefty $1.5 million USD.

"This being our first original title, we intend to pool our collective experiences to create a high quality and totally bonkers experience for you all," explained Swery65 in a statement. "With your support, THE GOOD LIFE and the town of Rainy Woods will grow into something truly wonderful. Please help us to create the happiest town in the world! I love you all!"

So if you're a fan of Swery65 games The Good Life definitely has his usual hallmarks. A weird murder, quirky characters, cats, and alcohol.

The Good Life is being developed by White Owls in partnership with Grounding and Camouflaj. The game is targeting a Q3 2019 release date for PC and other potential consoles.

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