New Trails of Cold Steel 4 Trailer Brings Together Some Familiar Faces

New Trails of Cold Steel 4 Trailer Brings Together Some Familiar Faces

Class 7 alumni reunite for an important cause.

When we last left the students the students of Class 7 in Trails of Cold Steel 3, they were in a bit of a pickle. If you've been on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next, take comfort: you won't be left in emotional anguish much longer. NIS America released a story trailer for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4 this morning, bringing us that much closer to the final chapter in this saga.

Before you watch, be warned that the trailer contains some spoilers for previous Trails of Cold Steel games.

We see Rean Schwarzer, the main character of Trails of Cold Steel, is clearly possessed. He's not fit to pat any of his companions on their heads, which is a terrible state of affairs that needs to be corrected at once. Members of the old Class 7 (comprised of Rean's old classmates from Trails of Cold Steel and Cold Steel 2) and the new Class 7 (Rean's students from Trails of Cold Steel 3) pool their strength and resources to save their friend and teacher. Keep an eye on the trailer for cameos galore.

Trials of Cold Steel 4 came out in Japan in September 2018, so North American fans are still playing catch-up. We only just received (the pretty great) Trails of Cold Steel 3 in October of last year. Sit tight: The localization for Trials of Cold Steel 4 is coming to PlayStation 4 this fall. It's also coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021.

Speaking of ports, Trails of Cold Steel 3 was recently released for the PC, and it's coming to the Nintendo Switch next month. If you're looking to get caught up on the series' story, those are good options.

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