Here's Every Pokemon Sighting From Friday's 24 Hour Livestream

Here's Every Pokemon Sighting From Friday's 24 Hour Livestream

Let Galarian Ponyta make all your Lisa Frank dreams come true.

Last week, The Pokemon Company hosted a 24-hour "livestream" of the Galar region's Glimwood Tangle forest. The livestream was meant to familiarize viewers with the wildlife they can expect to see in Pokemon Sword and Shield, though only a handful of critters showed up while the feed was active. Thankfully, a YouTuber condensed all the showings into one eight-minute video. Take that, nature's leisurely pace!

"Blaines" posted the truncated feed on his YouTube channel, so feel free to scrub through it if you didn't hang around for the entire 24 hours. (Unlike Joe from Serebii, R.I.P.) You should be able to easily spot Morelull, Shinnotic, Phantump, Cottonee, Pikachu, and the newcomer Impidimp, whose wide, grinning visage sometimes blocked the camera during crucial moments.

Two particularly pretty Pokemon were the stars of the feed: A pair of little horses that are almost certainly Galarian Ponyta. Whereas Ponyta are known for their manes and tails of fire, the Galarian Ponyta's mane and tail are more like bluish-purple clouds of cotton candy. They even glow when the Ponyta are happy. Be still my beating heart.

The feed cuts out shortly after the Ponyta gallop off the scene (I blame Impidimp for the cut), but the audio stays on for a minute longer. We hear the gallop of hooves, followed by the cry a Rapidash, Ponyta's evolved form. The original Rapidash evolution is more unicorn-like than Ponyta, so it's going to be cool to see how the Galarian version of Rapidash one-ups the Kanto iteration.

Galarian Ponyta's fae appearance has some Pokemon fans believing it might be a Fairy-type instead of the usual Fire-type. You won't have to wait much longer to find out: Pokemon Sword and Shield are coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 15. Visit our Pokemon Sword and Shield guides to catch up on everything we know about the games so far.

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