New Video for Paper Mario: The Origami King Shows Off Bloodthirsty Household Objects

New Video for Paper Mario: The Origami King Shows Off Bloodthirsty Household Objects

Nice face you got there, Mario. Sure would be a shame if someone... taped it up.

The PlayStation 5 reveal has the internet buzzing, but Nintendo just wants to show you all its Toads. A new video for Paper Mario: The Origami King offers a look at the papery RPG's battle system, collectables, party members, and more.

The Origami King, which Nintendo revealed last month, pits Mario against a paper-folding king who's gone mad with power. The new trailer demonstrates how Mario will deal with this new threat, and a big part of that involves spinning and sliding enemies around a ring grid. When a fight starts, foes are scattered around Mario. You have an opportunity to spin the circular battlefield and line up enemies for more effective attacks—but the number of moves you're allotted are limited, so you need to think before you act.

The video also shows off The Origami King's bosses, and they're guaranteed to make you double-take when you first see them. They're mundane objects come to life (pencil crayons, a roll of tape, a rubber band golem), and they're driven to murder Mario. Don't laugh; we all remember that one kid in school who got sent to the hospital after a mishap with a sharp pencil.

Reactions to the new video on social media and YouTube indicate Paper Mario fans are warily hopeful about The Origami King. The series hit a peak with the excellent Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, but follow-ups like Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash removed many of the RPG features in The Thousand Year Door. The Origami King looks like it brings Paper Mario closer to its RPG roots with the addition of battle companions and fixed weapons (modern Paper Mario games dole out disposable cards and stickers in fights).

It's still not clear if battles award Mario with anything other than coins. That's a major sticking point for some fans who feel Color Splash has a fun battle system, but its failure to award players completing a fight sucks a lot of the fun out of the experience.

We'll see how things work out for Paper Mario when Paper Mario: The Origami King comes to Switch on July 17. And if you're not already in love with King Ollie's defiant paper hair-flip, I don't know what to tell you.

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