New Videos Show Nintendo Labo Is More Complex Than We First Thought

New Videos Show Nintendo Labo Is More Complex Than We First Thought

You had me at "robot that transforms into a flying car."

Nintendo released some new videos of its curious cardboard Labo kits. It appears the mini-games included with Labo, not to mention the functionality of the cardboard kits themselves, are more complex than we originally gave them credit for.

The first video outlines everything included in the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, which is coming on April 27. The games and Toy-Cons packed with the set include an RC car, a fishing rod and the "ocean," a play house, a dirt bike and a track, and a piano with music-making software (all the games are packed on a single card).

The new footage of the ocean, dirt bike, and piano mini-games offer good examples of how there's more depth to Labo than we assumed at first glance. There are dozens of fish to catch in the fishing game, plus you can design and scan your own fish. You can even hook a smaller fish and use it as bait for a big fellah. The dirt bike racing game comes with a surprisingly robust track designer that lets you scan objects as a base for your own courses (please don't scan and drive on your wee-wee). From there, you can continue to edit the tracks and even add weather effects.

The piano is especially impressive. Its software can alter the sounds the keys make, read cut-out wavelengths, and record the songs you put together. Then you can "conduct" your personal concert using a Toy-Con baton. Waving the baton quickly speeds up the tempo, and waving it slowly tones things down.

But Labo's Robot kit might be the real jewel in Nintendo's cardboard experiment. Labo teased its robot suit add-on in its debut trailer, but now we know what it can do. You build your robot shell, then use it to rampage around a city, bashing stuff and racking up a high score. Thrusting your arms out to your sides lets you take flight, which is pretty special—but not as special as squatting to transform into a car. Oh, and that car can also fly, by the way. If that doesn't sound like your childhood fantasy come to life, you can also stand on one foot to grow into a giant 'bot.

Other robot mini-game experiences include driving, shooting, and even going one-on-one Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots-style with another fan who has the kit. If you just want to stomp around your living room and pretend you're out for humanity's blood, slotting the Nintendo Switch into your suit will let you execute various robot sounds as you move around. Like the Variety kit, the Robot kit is out on April 27.

I'll still probably give Labo a pass because I don't have kids (though I might steal a turn from my niece or nephews), but it looks like it's going to be a great time for parent- and- kid teams.

The Labo Variety kit will sell for $69 USD, and the Robot kit will sell for $79 USD.

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