New Xbox Live Avatars Shown Off in Leak

New Xbox Live Avatars Shown Off in Leak

It's like looking in a digital mirror. Well, almost.

It seems Microsoft's new Avatar maker for the Xbox One is inching closer to its final form. New video footage of the maker leaked yesterday, and the customization options shown within are impressively robust.

Resetera user "Gowans" shared a YouTube video of the Avatar maker uploaded by a Microsoft designer. The upload was apparently a mistake, as it was quickly pulled off YouTube. The video's since been preserved and shared around Twitter.

Microsoft's new Avatar maker lets you tool around with your digital stand-in's hair, eyes, facial hair, mouth, nose, and makeup—pretty much everything you'd expect from a customizer. But it stretches a little further and lets you adjust things you probably never considered fiddling with, e.g. the shape of your fingernails. Heck, I don't even think much about my fingernails in real life. They're just there, and they usually get in the way when I'm trying to type.

The leaked video shows off the Avatar creator's myriad choices for eye shape, eye color, hairstyles, and clothing (which is separated into two categories: "Basic" and "Purchased"). There's also a Photobooth option for snapping your Avvie while it strikes a cool pose (sorry, I'll never say "Avvie" again).

Xbox Insiders will supposedly get a chance to preview the Xbox One's new Avatar maker sometime this month, so we'll soon get a chance to see how far our options for fingernail customization really go.

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