News in Brief: High-Velocity War

Velocity Ultra steams onto PC, and a game that claims to be a spiritual successor to Advance Wars arrives on the scene.

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Here's today's stories:

Velocity Ultra Headed to PC and PS3

The excellent PlayStation Vita "puzzle shooter" from FuturLab will enjoy ports to other PC and PS3 in time for the holiday season. The ports are being handled by Curve Studios, the same team that recently brought Lone Survivor to Vita, and will feature "full HD" visuals at the same smooth 60 frames per second speed as the Vita original. The PC version will feature full Steamworks integration for achievements and leaderboards, but no new content.

Curve is primarily known for its high-quality ports of games to Sony's handheld these days, so porting a game from Vita may seem like a departure for them. The team's no slouch when it comes to PC development, though; prior to the PlayStation titles it's been handling recently, it put out both Explodemon and Stealth Bastard Deluxe on PC, both of which are highly enjoyable games in our own right.

There's no firm release date for the Velocity ports yet, but apparently we can expect it before the new year.

Battle Worlds: Kronos Channels Battle Isle, Advance Wars and Panzer General

A new turn-based strategy game hit Steam yesterday, and it promises an accessible experience akin to the Advance Wars series. Battle Worlds: Kronos, as it's known, is specifically designed to appeal to fans of genre classics such as the aforementioned Advance Wars along with Battle Isle and Panzer General. It features two single-player campaigns, adding up to about 30 hours of gameplay, plus both live and asychronous cross-platform multiplayer between PC and Mac.

The game will continue to expand over time, too; in early 2014, the game will receive its first piece of free DLC, featuring an additional 10 hours of single-player content along with some new units, and the multiplayer mode will have tournament support added. Developer King Art Games is apparently keen to build up a strong community for the game, so check it out if you're hungry for a bit of strategic thinking.

Battle Worlds: Kronos is available from and Steam.

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