Next-Gen So Far: PS4 Beats Wii U Lifetime Sales in 48 Hours

Shots fired in generation 8 as the PlayStation 4 takes the top spot in the UK

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With the release of the PlayStation 4 in United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil on November 29, we have another region to see the general direction of this generation of consoles. So let's dive into the numbers shall we?

The PlayStation 4 is officially the fastest-selling console in UK history, according to Chart-Track's sales figures. No official numbers were given, but the previous title holder was the PlayStation Portable, which sold 185,000 units during its 2005 launch. A source told GamesIndustry International that the PS4 sold 250,000 units in 48 hours, significantly ahead of 150,000 Xbox One units sold in the same time period. Microsoft's system has sold 170,000 units so far in the UK.

In the United States and Canada, the PlayStation 4 sold 1 million units in just 24 hours. Microsoft repeated that feat on its November 22 launch, but that was spread across 13 countries including the United States.

PlayStation 4's have been flying off shelves in the US and UK. [Photo via Photo: Nam Y. Huh, AP]

Those numbers theoretically put the PlayStation 4 ahead of the Xbox One globally, but more data from InfoScout sees the Xbox One leading in Black Friday sales at two US retailers. According to InfoScout, the Xbox One was the number one console at Walmart and Target on Black Friday, accounting for 31 percent of sales, while the Playstation 4 accounted for 15 percent of sales. If the numbers bear out, the Xbox One could gain some ground globally on the PlayStation 4.

Neither system has yet to launch in Japan: The Xbox One is coming to the region some time in 2014, while the PS4 is planned for a February 22, 2014 launch. The PS4 and Xbox One's battle in the region will probably go the same way as the PS3/Xbox 360 war: which is to say, 'not in Microsoft's favor'. This inevitability is probably why Microsoft has yet to decide on a concrete release date for the region.

And what about the other eighth generation console, Nintendo's Wii U? Well, in the UK, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are ahead of the current lifetime sales numbers of the Wii U. As of the end of the fiscal quarter on September 30, the Wii U had only sold 3.91 million units globally: 1.15 million in Japan, 1.75 million in North and South America, and 1.01 million units in other regions. NeoGAF keeps track of the Japanese sales numbers from Media Create, and they have the Wii U at 1.17 million units sold as of November 24, meaning 200,000 Wii U's were sold from September 30 to November 24. These aren't great numbers from Nintendo's console; the system is in danger of being surpassed by the supply-constrained PS4 and Xbox One globally.

At the very least, the PlayStation 4 looks to be the strong front-runner for this generation. Unlike the previous front-runner, the Nintendo Wii, its pretty clear the PS4 won't have problems with third-party support, which has been an issue for Nintendo's last few hardware offerings. Speaking of the software, the top 20 UK titles for the week of the PlayStation 4's debut are as follows:

Call of Duty: Ghosts was the number one game in the UK, with the 360 version selling the most.
  • 01 Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • 02 FIFA 14
  • 03 Battlefield 4
  • 04 Killzone: Shadowfall
  • 05 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  • 06 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  • 07 Grand Theft Auto V
  • 08 Need for Speed Rivals
  • 09 Just Dance 2014
  • 10 Batman Arkham Origins
  • 11 Skylanders Swap Force
  • 12 Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
  • 13 Knack
  • 14 Super Mario 3D World
  • 15 Forza Motorsport 5
  • 16 Disney Infinity
  • 17 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • 18 Dead Rising 3
  • 19 Tomb Raider
  • 20 Football Manager 2014

The important thing to note is only non-multiplatform title in the top 10 is Guerilla Games' Killzone: Shadow Fall. And when it comes to those multiplats, sales numbers tend to favor the PlayStation 4. Call of Duty: Ghosts was the week's leader and sold 37 percent of its total on Xbox 360, 28 percent on PS4, 21 percent on PS3, and 12 percent on Xbox One. 42 percent of the units for FIFA 14 sold on PlayStation 4, compared to 22 percent on Xbox 360, 19 percent on Xbox One, and 14 percent on PS3. For the next contender, Battlefield 4, half of its sales were on the PlayStation 4, followed by the Xbox 360 version at 21 percent, the PlayStation 3 at 13 percent, and the Xbox One at 12 percent.

Knack sits at number 13, which is enough to beat out the debut of Super Mario 3D World in the UK. Nintendo's latest Mario only sold 99,588 units in Japan as well, putting it firmly behind the launch week sales numbers of other Mario titles. We'll have NPD numbers for November soon to see if Super Mario 3D World has made a significant dent in North America, but the outlook isn't looking good in other regions. Nintendo still has Donkey Kong Country: Jungle Freeze and Mario Kart 8 in early 2014, but the performance of a flagship Mario title on the system is disappointing and it isn't turning into a big uptick for Wii U sales.

[Graph via NeoGAF]

The worries that the Wii U's sales pointed to a general malaise in the home console market seem to be unfounded so far. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One's sales point to a public looking for new consoles, meaning Nintendo's issues are unique to Nintendo. There's no telling if sales for the PS4 and Xbox One will continue at a steady pace, but they're off to a good start. If we were to make an estimate at this point, the PS4 would be the market leader, followed by the Xbox One and then the Wii U.

Of course, there's the dark horse, Valve's Steam Machines. Steam hit its all-time peak of 7.19 million users yesterday on December 1 and the service overall hit more than 65 million accounts at the end of October. If Valve can turn a significant number of those users into Steam OS users and Steam Machine owners, it could turn everything upside down.

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  • Avatar for FuzzyDuck #1 FuzzyDuck 4 years ago
    Nintendo need to go back to the drawing board, but not necessarily with the hardware, more so its marketing.

    Most non-gamers I know aren't aware of the Wii U (unlike how they were with the Wii), heck, some of them are under the impression that the Wii U is a tablet controller for the Wii, yet most of them are aware of the X1 and PS4 being new consoles.

    I absolutely want a Wii U for the likes of Windwaker HD, SM3DW and the Platinum Games exclusives, but I can't justify spending money on one as I know the PS4 is going to give me all the best of multiplatform titles and let's be honest here - Sony's own first party output is not to be sniffed at.
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  • Avatar for monty_79 #2 monty_79 4 years ago
    Excellent start for Sony. Am really happy with my PS4 so far. Obviously, USA and Japan are the 2 most important markets for console makers, with Britain coming in 3rd I think? If so, it would mean that Sony has regained 2 important markets from Microsoft.

    However, I am interested to see how PS4 and Xbone will fare over Christmas. Will the more casual gamer market go once again for MS or do the early sales figures indicate how we can expect this generation to pan out? I wouldn't rule out the potential of advertising the fitness programs with Kinect at the female audience. If MS are smart, they could end up having many households opting for the One as it will have something for everyone in the family.

    Either way, it's very exciting stuff. Can't wait for Destiny, Witcher 3 and hopefully another Fallout game. Fingers crossed that VR will finally take off at some point in this generation, too.
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  • Avatar for FuzzyDuck #3 FuzzyDuck 4 years ago

    Given that Microsoft never really established any traction with the Xbox brand in Japan and that the PS4 isn't releasing there until February 22nd next year, I think Britain has become a more valuable market (in terms of home consoles at least; one only has to look at the mind-boggling sales of the 3DS in Japan to see that the handheld market is alive and kicking there).
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  • Avatar for Folkenhellfang #4 Folkenhellfang 4 years ago
    My takeaway from this article is simply that North America is still the most important market for console games. I'm not sure if it's just my own perception or if it really has been the case, but it seems like there has been a much greater emphasis on the European markets in the last few years. Considering the numbers at play here, historic or otherwise, I have to wonder if that strategy has been worth it. That sounds inflammatory, and I appologize.
    To see the Wii U be eclipsed in such short order isn't much of a surprise. I enjoy the Wii U, I love the concept, but Nintendo's refusal to embrace modern gaming is taking its toll. Fear and hate them all you want, people love achievements. They are today's version of the three character intitials that showed the world who had the high score on the arcade machine. The lack of an account system is simply ridiculous and hand in hand with that, Nintendo's digital offerings are rolling out with a snail's pace. Hardly the best idea when you are bringing last the generation's tech to the next generation's party. The sad part is that all of this is in Nintendo's ability to fix, but it seems like they are too hung up with making sure we pay for NES games on 3DS and Wii U separately to realize it.
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  • Avatar for monty_79 #5 monty_79 4 years ago
    @Folkenhellfang Well, in the past, the European market has been a bit of a pain in the arse for the console makers and game devs because of the massive variation in things such as currency, language, TV standards etc; so was very expensive for them. With the introduction of HDMI (and USB to an extent), it has taken some of those problems away. The thing is though is that language is obviously a big deal and part of why 'Europe' can't be considered as one market (France, Germany and Italy for example would never accept an English language only version of a game, whereas Holland, Scandinavia and many of the smaller countries would be and have been fine with it).

    It is certainly worth pursuing Europe though as the population is more than double that of the US, and we tend to spend more on them. The holy grail though would be if China and India embrace consoles, as the population of each is more than USA and Europe put together. India would also be happy with an English language version too I suspect, so no additional translation costs.
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  • Avatar for monty_79 #6 monty_79 4 years ago
    @FuzzyDuck Yeah, I agree. It would take a massive effort from MS to be able to get even 30% market share in Japan, so probably isn't worth it for them especially as Sony and Nintendo have such a grip on that region.

    It just goes to show how powerful US and European devs are these days compared to Japanese ones when Sony are releasing the PS4 in Europe before Japan.
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  • Avatar for Rory-Taylor #7 Rory-Taylor 4 years ago
    We're really gonna do this a couple weeks after launch?
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  • Avatar for Thusian #8 Thusian 4 years ago
    I'm not going to predict what will happen, nor will I have the arrogance to tell them what they should do (I've never run a major company, what the hell do I know). I'm just going to state what a bummer this is for me.

    I don't begrudge anyone who prefers the offerings of another system, but the Nintendo stuff has been the only thing I have found interesting in the past 7-8 years. I like Party games, I have a close circle of friends they come over most weekends to play games with my wife and I, and I don't find the party games on other systems made as well for recurring play. On the single player side, themes and mechanics of most of the third party AAA games have been moving away from my tastes too.

    Maybe if Nintendo was 3rd party I wouldn't have a problem because all the games I mentioned above would just be available for the other systems, but then maybe without the freedom to frig around with the interface, those would grow stale to me too. All I know is I've been having a lot of fun with the Wii U and the sales situation is a real bummer to me because I'm not ready to be done with it.
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  • Avatar for docexe #9 docexe 4 years ago
    The sales of Super Mario 3D World in Japan are really disappointing (although overall, it was a very slow week despite new releases). Nevertheless, unlike the people at that NeoGaff thread, I would wait till next week before declaring all hope lost, to see if the game indeed has long legs.

    I’m also curious about how it might fare in the American market. I’m not expecting something spectacular, given that the launch of the PS4 and XBOne are inevitably going to overshadow it. But I at least hope for better sales than those in the UK and Japan, because if the best rated 3D Mario game in a while doesn’t manage to improve the situation of the Wii U, then nothing might do so.

    Another thing that I find peculiar about the Japanese market: The game only managed to increase sales of the Wii U by 5 thousand units, yet when Wii Party U released in Japan, despite selling far less than 3D World (only around 37k units), it managed to improve sales of the Wii U by a similar amount, probably because of the new bundles that included it with the system. Makes me wonder if Nintendo might have made a terrible mistake by not offering a bundle that includes this game with the Wii U.
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  • Avatar for benjaminlu86 #10 benjaminlu86 4 years ago
    The Infoscout report mentions that lack of supply hampered PS4 sales during Black Friday. If there were more units available, the numbers may have played out differently.
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  • Avatar for bryancastle96 #11 bryancastle96 3 years ago
    I dont know what the fuss is about according to global sales the WiiU has sold 6.1 million units the PS4 has sold 7.5 and the X1 has sold 4.5 clearly we can see which is the console that is in trouble
    Not to mention Nintendo is dominating the handheld console market like never before here is the chart of that

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