Next-Gen Xbox Reportedly Codenamed 'Anaconda'

Hopefully it's not 550 lb.

Rumors for the next-gen Xbox are heating up as a new round of reports sheds some more light on what to expect from Microsoft for the next console generation, including a new powerful console codenamed "Anaconda."

We know from previous reports that Microsoft is possibly working on a family of devices under something called "Scarlet" but in a new report by Windows Central that actually means something similar to what Xbox is doing now with the Xbox One S and One X. According to them, Microsoft is working on two different consoles, an "S"-style next-gen Xbox codenamed "Lockhard" and a more powerful "X"-style next-gen Xbox codenamed "Anaconda."

The Lockhart console is said to be as powerful as the current Xbox One X with some added refinements. Anaconda will be even more powerful, essentially serving as a next-gen Xbox One X. Considering that the current One X is the most powerful console on the market, we can barely get our heads around what an even more powerful version of that will look like.

Both consoles will reportedly have backwards compatibility with games across all previous generations including the Xbox One, 360, and original Xbox.

These are separate consoles from the rumored discless Xbox One set to come out early 2019. That console is said to be a smaller, cheaper Xbox One S sans disc drive. Microsoft is reportedly working with retailers on a disc for code program that will let customers exchange their physical media for digital copies of the same game. This isn't a streaming-only Xbox One, but rather an Xbox One that stores digital games locally on the system.

With rumors of Project Xcloud streaming, and a new Windows initiative that should make game development across Xbox and PC even easier, Microsoft is primed for a potentially powerful next-gen cycle. Of course we'll have to wait until there's an official announcement.

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